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DOT Transportation

Samuel PVG is a leading producer of DOT/UN certified chemical shipping containers for several of the world’s largest chemical companies. Our pressure vessels, tanks and receivers are used in aerospace; road and rail transportation such as mining trucks, commercial ships, and locomotives/rail cars; and as mobile cryogenic fuel tanks for LNG powered vehicles.

Samuel PVG has the capabilities, technical expertise and capacity to replenish partial or entire fleets when our customers require them. We produce these specialized transportation containers in accordance with ASME Code, SAE J10, DOT/UN, and other customer or industry specific codes and standards.

Contact us for help with the design and fabrication of your specialized chemical transport containers.

Key Products:

  • Catalyst Shipping
  • Pressurized Totes
  • Brake Tank
  • Air Starter Receivers
  • Fuel Tanks
  • LNG Fuel Tanks
  • Oil Holding Tank
  • Hydraulic Oil Tank
  • Expansion Tank
  • Water Tank
...and more